This is the about page, this site is all about tips for limo’s and to try and help you get one hired and what you should be thinking about when you are hiring. It is good advice, so please heed the advice.

Happy to take questions as I have a lot of experience with limos and limo companies, my contact page has my email address.

I have been around limousines for a long time and know several limo owners, and these guys want to give a good service and in the main do that. It is a business, so there is always a bargain to be had, it is very expensive to keep a limo running and all the time it is idle it is losing money for the owner. So as I say in this blog, ask for a deal, there are no set prices, there is just market value, whatever the market can handle and if there is no market, the value and therefore the cost to you goes down. So choose wisely and get one out of season, if that works for you.

Talk to your local limo man, you never know, there could be a good deal for you. And they are very nice people.

 Good luck!!