Limo Hire Special Occasions

The Top Three Occasions to Hire a Limo For

Limousines make a special occasion just that little bit more special. They add a touch of glamour to proceedings, and make an event even more memorable than it would have been already.

There are now many reasons to hire a limo. Some even decide to rent one when going out for the evening. But three occasions will always remain the most popular. These three occasions just call out for extravagance, and so travelling in a limo while enjoying them just seems to be the most natural choice.

We’ll now discuss those three occasions, and try to find out what it is about them that just makes them a perfect match. If you have an occasion approaching, why not see if it’s made our list?

#1: Prom

Every teenager remembers their prom night. While in the UK this event may be called very different things, the evening is just as special regardless.

Prom night is the night for romance. It’s a night where young ladies should feel glamorous and young men should feel charismatic. When the limo pulls up at the front door and the young couple get inside, it’s a moment that neither will forget in a hurry.

Pulling up to the venue is also another special experience. As their friends watch them climb out of their luxury vehicle, they’ll naturally feel something of a celebrity.

For some, prom night marks the start of a life-long romance. Young lovers have on occasion been known to go the distance, especially when chemistry is present from the outset. If this is the case, what better way to begin something enchanting than with a limo ride to their school dance. The photos this creates will be treasured forever, and the stories will be told long after the night has ended.

#2: Birthday Parties

Sometimes, a birthday is a big deal. No matter how many times you try to pretend it isn’t happening, those around you aren’t going to play along. Occasions such as an 18th, 21st, 30th and 40th are landmarks in your life and deserve to be celebrated. Of course, you could keep on going for longer if you’d like, as limos have no age limit!

Now, you could stay at home and celebrate this birthday with a bottle of wine, but chances are you do that most weekends. Your birthday means you should push the boat out, which is probably why it’s one of the most popular reasons to hire a limo.

Travelling to a bar or restaurant in style is the name of the game. Laughing and joking with friends and family in your comfy limo is far better than taking a taxi, or worse, the bus! Get to your venue in style and with your feet up, and start the party off on the right foot.

#3: Corporate Events

Whatever area of business you work in, image counts. Limousine hire is a great way to impress clients and hopefully help seal the deal that you’re working on.

With a courteous chauffeur to transport you to wherever you need to go, you’ll get to enjoy a boost to your professional image which counts for so much. Limos can be used for a manner of things in the corporate setting. You’re able to hire one to take you to and from an airport if you’d like, in order for you to perform a meet and greet. You could also use a limo to take yourself and/or a client to a meeting. If you’re just feeling that way inclined, however, you could use the vehicle to transport you around, wherever you plan to visit.

Of course, limousine hire can also be a great way to reward staff. Giving them the VIP treatment will do wonders for their motivation and morale. Taking staff members who have performed well to meetings in the back of a luxury vehicle will make them feel appreciated members of the team, and will give them more insight into the things success in their field can bring them.

There are Many Reasons to Hire a Limo, These are Just Three

There are many reasons to hire a limo, but these are our favourite three. They make up the largest part of any rental company’s hire, and with good reason too.

Of course, you can rent a limo for any occasion you feel is worthy of one. With more people now choosing to do so, your options for enjoyment become endless.

If you yourself are going to be enjoying one of the occasions above, why not see if limo hire factors in to your plans? We’ve listed countless reasons why it can really add to the day, and believe it will be something you and everybody with you will remember for a very long time.