Limo Hire Special Occasions

Limousine Tips and Advice To Get the Best Deal

Lots of people think it is far too expensive to hire a limousine and never ever consider it, which is a real shame as they miss out on an amazing experience, everyone should ride in a limo and it should be on every one’s bucket list.

This is not only wrong but it is a real pity, it truly is a wonderful experience, I can’t put my finger on why, it just is.

Hiring a top end limo is not cheap, we all understand that fact, some of these top of the range limousines cost over a hundred thousand of your dollars, pounds or euros.

But you are getting the sole use of an amazing vehicle, pure luxury all set up for you to enjoy yourself and oh so comfortable. And of course the services of a trained and qualified driver, therefore these benefits to you will always come at a cost, but stay with us.

In some situations cost can be a secondary concern, in the case of a bride turning up at her wedding, nobody wants to see her turn up in a cab, that isn’t the right thing.

But for other events, you should always think about a limo, you should not think it is too expensive without first investigating, there are many deals to be had and a limo that is idle is a cost to a limo owner, so go check out deals, you will be surprised.

If you read on, you will see a few ideas I have that may benefit you, so please read an understand more about the world of the limo hire business.

The first tip, is to go speak or at least call a limo owner, or better still if you know one or know someone who knows a limo owner always use that first, a warm introduction is always better.

What you will find is that most people who hire limos are not mega stars, mega rich or mega anything, they are like you and me (unless you are mega rich??) very ordinary folk. And the reason you see many walks of life in these very expensive luxury vehicles, is because there are deals to be had.

Here we go for my tips, read through and get in a limo and get that limo line ticked off your bucket list.

  1. Don’t agree the date of your event, until you have spoken to the limo owner. This is real simple, its because he will have booked up periods either the day of the week or special times of the year, you will have to avoid these to get a good deal. So you have to be flexible. As I mentioned earlier, a limo not taking passengers anywhere is not a good thing for the owner, it is just a cost at that point. Therefore they want to fill those gaps with rides and are always willing to offer a deal.
  2. Once you know the price, work out how many people going and if there are 10, ten you all pay a percentage of that ride.
  3. Always try to get the limo organised up front, so if you know what you are doing and even better if you want to use it for more than one time, talk to your limo owner and they will like the fact you are booking more than one and give you a deal,

You really have to be a little bit flexible and talk to your limo guy.

Good luck, I will be very surprised if you cannot get a good deal.